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Сообщение Alexander » Вт апр 26, 2016 00:30

Новый председатель CIAM FAI, Ёжи Чуден начал успешно действовать в своей должности. Привожу одну из первых рассылок: (перевести думаю сами сможете..)

Dear spacemodellers,

You have been already informed that at this year's CIAM meeting our Space models Subcommittee chairman Srdjan Pelagic retired from this position after almost 20 years. During this long period Srdjan set high standards of running our subcommittee and beside that carefully coordinated the course of SM World Cup competitions. On behalf of whole Space models society I express our gratitude for his efforts and hard work for the benefit of our sport. I hope he will stay with us as SM S/C member. His proposals shall always be welcome in taking important decisions.
As a new chairman I thank him for good wishes to my successful steering of the Space Models Subcommittee in the next mandate.

During the annual CIAM meeting held in hotel Möwenpick in Lausanne from 8th to 10th April we had SM Technical meeting with the participation of 10 SM S/C members and observers from China, Germany, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and United States of America.

Several important items were discussed. We received 37 proposals for the SM sport code rules changes, some of them in hope for significant changes while the rest were only slight modifications of the present rules or clarifications. After being carefully discussed, some of the proposals were withdrawn and referred to subcommittee for further consideration, some needed to be approved by votes of the plenary meeting while the majority were agreed for approval.
Attached, you can find the agenda and minutes of SM Technical meeting with the conclusions and recommendations given to the plenary meeting.

Short summary of important rules changes:

1. Altitude - The proposals regarding S1 were not accepted and were returned to subcommittee for further consideration (no dimensions change, no coloured tracking powder and no 12 g basic payload). However, introduction of electronics (GPS trackers and miniature transmitters) was highly recommended for future proposals.

2. S4 - Class S4 is a free flight category where RC devices may not be used for model steering. For safety reasons, single channel RC device can only be applied for DT activation. The proposal was approved with this amendment.

3. Scale - Increasing the weight, size and particularly the impulse of engines used for S7 scale models can collide with the regulations in some countries where minimum weight of propellant in single engine and liftoff weight is strictly declared. Such engines and models weighing over 1500 g might be considered as possible dangerous devices. The proposal was withdrawn.

- Large workshop drawing for S5/S7 models in 1 : 1 ratio will no longer be needed.

- Additional breakdown of points for S5/S7 shall be displayed after the judging, so the competitors can be notified with the outcome of judging procedure.

- Zero score shall be awarded in case of catastrophic failure to S7 model which do not make a qualified stable flight.

- Points for the degree of difficulty of adapting the model for flight shall be eliminated and allocated.

- The term »staging« is replaced by »powered separation« which clarifies the separation of main parts of certain prototypes;

- The term »originality« is clarified. Same prototypes of rockets with just different serial numbers are not unique. NASA references and Wikipedia are proposed as possible sources to help with the »originality« judging.

4. S8 - The impulse of engines at S8D and S8E/P remains the same as well as the dimensions of models. Proposals to increase minimum wing span and weight were rejected. Only those for minor changes were adopted, i. e.:

- 2,4 GHz RC devices are required and transmitters will be no more impounded and returned;

- fuselage nose radius of 5 mm is obligatory;

- working time in each round is shortened to 12 minutes;

- there will be four initial rounds instead of three with the possibility of five and two final rounds at world and continental championships;

- landing points are redefined to one point for 10 cm instead of 10 points per meter;

- points calculated in a round shall be rounded to the nearest 1/10;

- S8 landing circles must be at least 10 m apart.

- each competitor in S8 should be the builder of the model - the rule is retained.

5. General rules - Proposal for the 1st category events (world and continental championships) now offers the organizers possibility to choose one class from each of 8 »groups« of proposed categories where no impulse is strictly defined as it was till now.

6. The EDIC (Electronic Devices in Competition) working group report shall bring more detailed specifications, instructions for use and technical testing of the altimeters used for altitude classes.

Frank Ehling Diploma:

There were two SM candidates nominated: John Jacomb (GBR) and National Association of Rocketry (USA). With the votes of secret ballot the diploma was awarded to NAR.

2015 World Cup awards were handed to the best three competitors (if present) in overall classification of aero modelling categories, among them to the best space modellers in World Cup classes.

At the end of the plenary meeting the organization of 2018 SM World Championship was awarded to the only bidder – Poland, who has already been approved as the host of 2017 SM European Championship.

The most important event of this year is World Championship that will be held in Lviv, Ukraine from 22nd to 30th August. According to report given by Igor Volkanov (UKR), all the preparations for this event are going on as scheduled. The organization of the event on the highest level is expected.

This weekend the season of SM World Cup is starting with Grodno Cup in Belarus and shall soon be followed by the events in Prievidza (SVK) and Nalchik (RUS). There are 19 competitions scheduled for this year’s SM World Cup and all of you are invited to participate where possible.

With best regards

Joze Cuden

CIAM Space Models S/C chairman

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