Умер Руди Ходзич (SRB)

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Умер Руди Ходзич (SRB)

Сообщение NEFTO » Сб дек 12, 2015 15:51

Dear Spacemodellers,
Another sad news came to us last Wednesday - our friend Rudi Hodzic (SRB) flew into the blue sky - forever... A big man with a great heart and everlasting smile, "betrayed" by his own heart passed away after a short illness. He lived 65 years.
Rudi Hodzic was a devoted spacemodeller for several decades, but in addition to that he enjoyed to be active wherever young people was active. He was a successful competitor in spacemodelling, but he enjoyed much more when any of juniors from his club won but himself. He also was teaching spacemodelling or was a judge in many competitions.
Activities in sporting aviation was his life and he used to be happy when he helped in organization of aeromodelling, parachuting or paragliding competitions. You certainly have met him at F1ABC, F1D, F1E and F2ABCD competitions and FAI Championships organized in Serbia from 2003 til now. His last great contribution was in organization of the World Championships for Free Flight Model Aircraft in Class F1E in Zlatibor (SRB) last August.
All spacemodellers shall remember Rudi from many World and Europoean Spacemodelling Championships and particularly from Poland (2004) and Baikonur (2006), where he was a NAC team manager and where his team achieved great successes. All of us used to meet Rudi as the organizer of Belgrade Cup - SM WCup and as a regular participant in Ljubljana Cup, the final SM WCup event.
Rudi spent a remarkable part of his professional life in Center of Aeromodelling in Belgradem, where he was responsible for production and distribution of kits to schools. In addition to that he was a founder of the MMK CVM (Modelling and Scale Modelling Club of his Center), which was one of the greatest centers for aero/spacemodelling education in Belgrade.
Rudi was elected president of Spacemodelling Commission of NAC Serbia and Montenegro (and later NAC Serbia) and he served at this position from 2004 to 2008. In the last years he served as the Secretary General of Aeronautical Union of Belgrade (Serbian Capitol) where he coordinated work of more than 20 aero clubs with all airsports activities.
Rudi was a very friendly and informal man. He had a special gift to become everyone's friend after only several minutes and no doubt he was the best spacemodelling communicatior Serbia ever had.
Rudi, by his birth and life, was connecting all countries of former Yugoslavia in the best sense. His father was from Bosnia, his mother was from Slovenia, he was born in Slavonski Brod (Croatia) and he has grown up in Valjevo (Serbia) and spent his life in Belgrade (Serbia).
Rudi leaves his wife Ljilja and son Darko, who also were active in organization of spacemodelling events.
May our friend Rudi Hodzic rest in peace in the blue sky he loved so much.
Srdjan D. Pelagic, dipl.ing.
CIAM Space Models SC Chairman and
NAC SRB delegate to CIAM
In the attachment:
Rudi Hodzic at Ljubljana Cup - SM WCup in Kamnik - Menges (Slovenia)
Photo: Anton Sijanec (SLO)
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Re: Умер Руди Ходзич (SRB)

Сообщение Serg » Вс дек 13, 2015 23:34

Искренне очень жаль...
Хороший был человек.
Очень хорошо относился российским спортсменам.
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